My Art and Apparel Story

I love when I have been invited to someone's house and part way into my visit I realize I am laughing and engaged in conversation; I am comfortable and at ease. I feel right at home.


I came to recognize there were many factors that made someone's home feel welcoming. But, one in particular stood out to me.  It wasn't the style people choose for their home. It was the meaning the items had and the stories behind them that created an atmosphere of sincerity and authenticity.

When I began creating artwork I did it for myself. It was an outlet, a mode of self expression. The canvas was a terrific transcriber of stories. I hung my finished images on my walls and I noticed they reflected back what was important to me. They created that atmosphere of comfort and sincerity; the feeling of home.

Soon other people found a connection with my work. Each sale is a moment of connection between the artist and the buyer. There is often a story in the art, the purchase of the art and it is a story that links us.